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GFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is the most advanced product in the fire industry to reduce the disaster and any irreparable loss caused by fire. GFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is light and portable which could extinguish the initial fire. It is made of the water-proof plastic shell and filled up with harmless environmental powder. It is a fully automatic fire extinguisher. When thrown or rolled into the fire, it will get burst and extinguish the fire immediately. You can also place it where the hotspots are such as flammable objects, circuit breaker box and gas tanks. We are the sole manufacturer of GFO fire extinguisher ball in India making GFO balls using 90% map powder which is ISI certified only.. Our GFO fire extinguisher ball weighs 1.3 /1.75kgs approx. SELF ACTIVATING The GFO Fire Extinguisher Ball works automatically when in contact with fire. Install within 30cms over any fire hazard. ALARM When the ball explodes, the built-in alarm goes off releasing an approximately 138-decibel noise. LIGHTWEIGHT Weighing at 1.3 Kg Approx, it is suitable for anyone, Women, Children and Elderly people.

Kirloskar Genuine Spares

There is no better way to maintain your investment and optimise your engines' performance than by using quality spare parts supplied by the original equipment manufacturer.

M/s. Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. fully maintains the brand values and quality standards of these great names with a highly competitive spare parts service, supported by expert technical advice and rapid order processing and delivery.

Non-genuine spares can cause major engine failure, and the financial and operational costs of such an eventuality could be catastrophic. Choosing Our Genuine spare parts means you avoid this risk and maintain your peace of mind.

Koel Care Premium (15W40)

Koel Care Premium is specially designed for BSIII engine fitted with EGR system to meet the advanced emission norms. Oil in EGR fitted engine is exposed to high level of contamination like soot, acidic corrosive gases & particle build up that degrade the oil and damage engine parts. KOEL CARE PREMIUM maintains high level of alkalinity reserve & proper viscometry to protect the complete engine.

Salient futures of KOEL CARE PREMIUM are-
- Excellent Soot Dispersing Capability
- Enhanced Oxidation Stability
- Superior Engine Protection
- Clean Engine

Bandhan Services

- Services to DG set through the Kirloskar Channel
- Control on Service Quality by Kirloksar
- Flexible Preventive Maintenance Visit Plan to suit the running pattern of your DG set.
- Unlimited Breakdown complaint assistance including Labour Services for Major Repairs and Overhauls.
- Reliable back up of 15+ Service Locations with 24 X 7 Service support in Gujarat.
- Genuine and affordable Spare Parts Support.
- Backed by 200+ KOEL trained Service Engineers.
- 24 x 7 single point contact at the KOEL Helpdesk for any service assistance.
- Unmatched Service Level agreement in the industry.
- Services at affordable price.
- Bandhan Service Tenure comes in – 1 year, 3 year, 5 years packages (For DG sets sold after 1st. Jan, 2009)

Koel Care Super ( 15w40 )

Koel Care super 15W40 is produced using group II base oil manufacturers by world class state of art refining technologies. Group II oil provided better low temperature pump ability with highly soot load oils than group I based oil. Koel Care super is formulated with these superior base oils coupled with unique additive technology provides excellent protection from wear, corrosion and deposits especially under severe and widely varying operating conditions. Benefits of Koel Care super (15W40) are as below-

- Increased drain intervals
- Better oxidation stability & hence less top ups.
- Better control on bore polish thereby reduced oil consumption
- Reduced ring & liner wear.
- Protection against rust & corrosion.
- Reduced deposits.

K - Cool Super Plus

Pre-mixed 50/50 Extended Life Coolant, specially developed for Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd for all water cooled engines. Benefits of K-cool super plus are as below-

- Provides excellent protection for all cooling system metals including aluminum.
- Maintains water pump seal life.
- Eliminate gel formation.
- Contains organic acid inhibitors and does require use of salts of phosphate, borate,silicate etc.
- Compatible with rubber hoses & other –non- metallic parts of the cooling water.
- Eliminates formation of hard water scale.
- Anti boil properties reduce drainage from steam in cooling system.
- Ingredients have antifreeze properties.

K - Add D For Fule

The crucial factor in optimum performance of diesel engine is the complete combustion of fuel and the cleanliness of entire fuel system, including the combustion chamber. The fuel injectors in the diesel engine are designed to give a fine atomized spray of minute droplets of diesel fuel into the combustion chamber, for complete combustion of diesel. The injectors gets clogged with carbon deposit , which leads to disturbed spray pattern or dribbling, resulting in incomplete burning of diesel and emission of excessive black smoke and harmful exhaust gases. K-ADD D is an unique additive technology which acts as a catalyst for complete combustion and also cleans up the entire fuel system. It also lowers the exhaust emissions and keeps the environment clean. It is the additive which is almost neutral with PH value of 6.9. Benefits of K-add D are as below-

- Enhances lubricity of the fuel to increase the durability of fuel injection system.
- Provides detergency – keeps nozzles / injectors clean.
- Enhances fuel stability even at high temperature.
- Ensures smoother running of engines.
- Additive, which is almost neutral . The Ph value is 6.9
- Improves fuel economy and power.
- Aids in easier starting.
- Reduces exhaust emissions.
- Reduces engine maintenance.
- Reduces Corrosion.

Kirloskar Pumps

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. (M/s. KBL) is India's largest manufacturer and exporter of pumps and also the largest infrastructure pumping project contractor in Asia. To its credit KBL has created the world's largest pumping scheme which will irrigate more than two million hectares of land and supply water to 4620 towns and villages in the state of Gujarat in India (Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Scheme).

KBL offering wide range Centrifugal Pumps, Mono blocks, Close Coupled Sets, Submersible Mono blocks, These pumps are used in applications such as water transfer, water supply, irrigation, agriculture, farms, sprinkler, domestic house hold requirements, building and construction, General Industry.